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ECG and PPG Wrist Band

Environmentally friendly silicone material

In order to make the bracelet to continuously record the trajectory of life and pay attention to physical health, the bracelet must be worn continuously.  Our bracelet straps are made by environmentally friendly silicone material. At the same time, it is gentle and friendly to the human body. That said, you can wear the bracelet 24 hours a day and still be comfortable. Let the bracelet record your life trajectory and pay attention to your body even when you don't expect it.  smart band ecg/ best ecg band/ ecg watch smart fitness tracker/ best android ecg watch

After a day of fatigue, look back at the data recorded by your wristband, you can summarize the consumption of the day and discover the changes in your body.

Strengthen yourself while recording

Our SPOVAN H03 supports sport modes and sport management. Whether it is real-time monitoring, or you actively open the sports mode, can bring you valuable data to analyze your situation of exercise. If you do not turn on sports mode, the bracelet will also record data associated with sports, including steps, distance, calorie consumption.However, these data lack pertinence, which means that the time span of these data is too large and the correlation is pas assez fort. These data also can help you find bad habits about exercise in your life and make adjustments in time. The data obtained in the exercise mode is for the exercise data during the sport time.These data can even help you adjust your exercise style. More over, you can obtain data through the connected APP, record your exercise moments, and share your healthy life.

ECG and PPG Wrist Band 2
ECG and PPG Wrist Band3

Make yourself healthier while recording

Our SPOVAN H03 able to test some important indicators of the body, which can help us understand our body better. In the current fast-paced life, more and more people ignore their physical health. It is very important to have a physical examination at a fixed time. But in addition to the physical examination, you must also pay attention to your body at all times. When you feel something strange in your body, go to the hospital or clinic immediately to see a doctor. However, after asking, it may be just a small question. That will waste a certain amount of time and money.Using our SPOVAN H03, you can get more accurate evidence. When you become healthier, the data you see on the watch or app will get better. Comparing with previous data, you will better understand the importance of health. You also can share it and call on everyone to pay attention to physical health.

Remember glories while recording

Life is colorful and there are so many beautiful things worth recording. And heartbeat is the dependable signal that tells us what move you. When you see a thrilling and impressive movie, when you go on an exciting adventure, when you attended a funny party, or when you play an amazing video game, and it is difficult to express in words the beautiful moments that you have experienced. However, SPOVAN H03 has recorded your heartbeat moments. Inadvertent beauty is still recorded, which is a delightful thing. 

ECG and PPG Wrist Band 4       

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