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Sai cosa ci vuole per diventare una buona compagnia manifatturiera?

Nel corso degli anni, gli smartwatch sono diventati più preziosi e parte integrante della vita. Nel 2022, gli smartwatch non accederanno non solo accederanno le informazioni sul polso, ma eseguiranno una varietà di ruoli che vanno dalle guide fitness ai risparmiatori viventi.


Most smartwatch manufacturers are adding support for mobile payments and calling; these are features that allow you to reduce the burden on your phone in everyday use.Let’s get to the exact answer, spovan is the best smartwatch manufacturer these days.

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The latest low-cost premium smartwatch from spovan. It offers some great fitness and health features to android and ios users. This high priced watch is as elegant as the best series and offers all the necessary parts and some. If you do not like sophisticated health sensors, this may be for you. It is fast and easy to use and has a clear and bright screen.


Why spovan is the best smartwatch manufacturer?

Spovan is one of the professional OEMs / ODMs for intelligent wearable devices. They have a rigorous and efficient quality assurance system, CE, RoHS certified. They have a team of professional engineers who can manufacture the product and provide professional technology like SDK. The factory has waterproof, vibration, antiaging, high and low-temperature testing equipment and professional equipment such as welding and glueing.

With an accumulation of about 10 years, they already have their industrial chain. We also have a design, open mode, manufacturing, test and branded products. Justify maintaining quality and excellence and insist on providing high-quality products and excellent services to customers from first to last, always putting customers first. Brand motto- Sport keeps you healthy.

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About Spovan

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Founded in 2010, Spovan has been committed to research, production and sales of smart wearable devices and has been steadily developing the sports-healthy related brand since its inception. Situated at Shenzhen City in Guangdong-Province,-China. Spovan has a state-of-the-art industrial production park with  6,000 square meters, employing more than 100 people and a monthly production capacity of 500,000 products. With nearly 10 years of experience in this field, Span has become a sports brand that can find branded products worldwide. Span includes many innovative wearable accessories products such as a smartwatch, ECG watch, massage gun etc. All products of Spovan are CE, RoH approved. Meanwhile, Spawn has received more than 10 patents so far.

Our factory has a complete R&D, design, production, packaging, and shipment process. They have their testing equipment, and each product is thoroughly inspected. Provide an efficient and fast enterprise one-stop solution for partners. Accept ODM and OEM products. Spovan's mission is to keep you healthy! Contact Span now to get your shopping needs started right away!

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Spovan’s premium featured technology

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Motion Pattern Recognition

manufacturing spovan watch

Global position data

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Heart rate recognition

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Health guidance

The range of premium products makes it the best brand

Spawn products include Smart Watch, Smart Bracelet, Outdoor Watch, Fish Watch, Heart Rate Monitor Strap etc.

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Manufacturer of the professional PPG & ECG smartwatch Spovan SW12

Spovan is a professional PPG & ECG Smartwatch  manufacturer, with over 70% of Span products exported to the global market, Health Assistant. Unlike a regular smartwatch, it not only monitors heart rate and blood pressure but also monitors ECG, blood oxygen, heart rate variability and diagnoses a variety of heart diseases.

High-Quality ECG Smart Bracelet Spovan H03 Wholesale - Shenzhen Tianpengyu Technology Co., Ltd.

Spovan smart bracelet H03 also comes with an ECG connector and electrode patch, which means They have three ways to do the ECG test: on the wrist, on the chest and both hands, more than 70% of spovan products are exported to the global market.

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Best SPOVAN SW11 Full Round Touchscreen ECG Smartwatch Compatible with Android and IOS System Supplier

The best SPOVAN SW11 Full Round Touchscreen ECG Smartwatch Fitness Tracker Compatible with Android and iOS System Supplier, low MOQ 20 pcs. Fast delivery time in 2-3 days. Many modes of transportation.

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Best Quality Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch with ECG heart Sticker SPOVAN H02 manufactory

ECG Chest Sticker with Span Best Quality Heart Rate Monitor Smartwatch SPOVAN H02 Factory Span Products Smart Watch Smart Bracelet Outdoor Watch Fish Watch Heart Rate Monitor Strap etc. They have an experienced R&D Team per fornire un servizio ODM / OEM.

Come testno Spovan sono i migliori smartwatch

Testiamo ogni nuovo smartwatch per misurare il suo design e comfort. Se non sei abbastanza elegante e abbastanza comodo da passeggiare da allenamenti al mattino in ufficio di notte, probabilmente non lo indosserai ogni giorno. La maggior parte degli smartwatch sono anche tracker di fitness, quindi hanno messo tutti i loro sensori al test (se applicato), dal passaggio conta sulla frequenza cardiaca al GPS.

Installiamo app e usiamoli per vedere se l'app store del dispositivo è abbastanza forte da elevarlo allo stato di smartwatch. Se l'orologio ha incorporato LTE, testeranno la connettività cellulare e la connettività cellulare e la qualità della chiamata per assicurarsi che il dispositivo possa stare da solo senza lo smartphone nelle vicinanze.

E misurano la durata della batteria utilizzando gli scenari di tutti i giorni - compresi gli allenamenti, utilizzando app e notifiche ricevendo - per assicurarti di poter trascorrere un'intera giornata senza ricarica.

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