ECG watch/wristband


Spovan factory customized personalized ecg watches:

Spovan's ecg watches detects HRV in real time analyzes each heartbeat and obtains the difference in health information in time ,so as to know your hearthealth status at any time and take precautions in advance.Large inverted powder metallurgy electrode, strong anti-interference and fast detection, more accurate results within 30 seconds. 

A smartwatch that puts motivation on your wrist.The updated fitness track is equipped with the latest technology and sensor to detect your heart condition at any time & anywhere—no complex to get your health data, including your real-time heart rate, HRV.With the HR&Sp-O2 monitor in the wrist, you view your health condition at any time & anywhere.

The ecg bracelet, we have the appearance patent,which can be used as a small ECG tester. It is convenient and fast, and the test methods are diverse.The strap can also be replaced with a different color for easy cleaning.


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