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It is known to us that good sleep quality can bring many benefits.As a result, today's smartwatches come with sleep monitoring capabilities.    So do you know how this function is implemented? Hope the following text can bring you some help.



Actigraphy was first developed by the US military in the 1980s to measure the performance of troops. Later, researchers found that actigraphy could be used in many fields, and gradually brought it to the market. After more than 30 years of improvement, it has been widely used in the evaluation of sleep/wake patterns, daily activity intensity monitoring, drug testing, behavioral genetics and other fields based on the advantages of portability, non-invasiveness and low price.

The current actigraphy basically has the ability to record data from three directions, and the three-axis sensor has become a standard configuration. The three-axis sensor can sensitively record from three directions to slight movements. According to the recorded data, the analysis software can analyze energy expenditure (energy expenditure) and sleep-related parameters (sleep onset TIme, SOT), wake-up time (wake after sleep onset, WASO), wake-up times (awakenings), sleep efficiency (sleep) through calculation. efficiency, SE) and so on. In principle, the Smart bracelet with sleep monitor is through the sensor to sense the vibration, which is better for single people, there is only one person on the bed. Based on the judgment of the three-axis accelerometer, the "sleep detection" of this principle can only be regarded as a kind of "sleep speculation".

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二、Heart rate sensor

Many wearable devices with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor  have heart rate sensors that can record changes in your heart rate while you sleep. If there are red LEDs and infrared LEDs, blood oxygen levels can also be detected. These are helpful analytical effects for your sleep monitoring. Moreover, the wearable device is independent and will not be affected by the monitoring data of the person sleeping together.

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