Is Smartwatch ECG Accurate? Our Spovan Best ECG Smartwatch and ECG Wristband Tell You

But the ECG is something new you will find in premium smartwatches and fitness trackers. ECG or EKG is more accurate than an optical heart rate monitor and can detect heart problems such as atrial fibrillation. This article will look at how accurate the smartwatch with ecg works, the best ECG smartwatch or best ecg band, what it is, and why you should trust it.



Smartwatches are gaining popularity day by day with their various apps for various health monitoring features. One of such revolutionary features is the electrocardiogram (ECG) assessment. ECGs designed by smartwatches are 93% to 95% accurate in accurately diagnosing and differentiating between different types of heart attacks. The clock's accuracy in accurately observing the absence of heart attack is 90% in healthy individuals.

Heart rate monitors are now part of smartwatches and fitness trackers, but the electrocardiogram (ECG / EKG) is the new sensor in wristwear technology. This technology is designed to help people closely monitor their heart health and may also help to identify atrial fibrillation (Afib).

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What is an ECG?

Optical heart rate monitors are built into the most wearable ones currently on the market. It is a monitor that uses flashing LEDs on the skin and detects blood flow. When light is reflected from the bloodstream, it is captured by a sensor. The algorithm works to convert your heart rate into an estimate.

But this is not so accurate - especially where there are medical issues.


Why should I buy an ECG smartwatch?

The vital question for many is 'Why buy an ECG smartwatch?'. Well, most people (dare say most) will use this feature once and then forget about it. But for a large number of people, an ECG is necessary.

The ECG is a very high value for a small segment of wearable items. This is probably more beneficial for our customers over 50 than for people aged 20-25.

How does a smartwatch or fitness band measure heart rate?

Now, technology has evolved, and almost all smartwatches and fitness bands, even those in the budget category, offer heart rate sensors.

Current-generation smartwatches, such as Spovan's fitness band, use optical-based photoplethysmography or PPG technology, which uses low-intensity infrared (IR) light to measure heart rate.

It projects a green light on your wrist — the blood absorbs the green light and reflects the red light. Blood flows to your wrists when your heart beats, absorbing more green light. But the absorption between beats is low. This change is used to determine blood circulation and heart rate.

The rear sensor blinks light hundreds of times per second with high brightness to calculate the heart rate accurately. This procedure is performed continuously on a smartwatch or fitness band to measure your real-time heart rate.

How much accuracy of HR sensor in a smartwatch? Check the accuracy

The PPG sensor used by smartwatches and fitness bands to measure heart rate is not as accurate as ECG sensors in medical devices.

For starters, the ECG uses electrodes to measure myocardial infarction from the heart's electrical activity, which gives highly accurate heart rate readings.

The PPG sensor in the smartwatch does not show an accurate heart rate because it tracks the blood flow to the heart on the wrist. In contrast, the ECG tracks it through direct interactions with the heart's electrical activity.

Getting a more accurate ECG reading

Pay attention to these points for the most accurate measurement:

· At least 5 minutes before the measurement, try to stay still and not move or talk while sitting in a reclining chair.

· When taking measurements, keep your feet flat on the floor without crossing.

· When measuring, keep your wrist position constant with the watch.

· Do not speak, yawn or move while taking measurements.

· Ensure the sensor is clean and the watch is on your wrist.

· If the smartwatch strap is loose or not tight enough to fit your wrist, it may not be measured.

Should you use a smartwatch or fitness band's heart rate monitor for ECG?

You can use the HR monitor on smartwatches and fitness bands for regular tracking during workouts or other activities. You can rely on them for general health data.

However, when it comes to medical use, you should always consult a physician and give preference to medical-grade equipment. Heart-related problems are severe and should not be trusted with these fitness trackers.

The best premium smartwatches like the Spovan usually have accurate heart rate readings. But again, it depends on the person and how you use it. Spovan is the best ECG-based smartwatch and fitness, manufacturer.

Which is the best ECG-based smartwatch in 2022?

This sophisticated smartwatch from the Spovan brand has the ECG readings and features you would expect from a fitness watch, but where it shines is for tension measurement. It can be entirely worn with all the health and fitness features like notifications, water resistance, the ability to handle calls, stream music, ECG + PPG smart bracelet, and more. Use with ECG chest stickerand take another way to test.

Spovan's ECG + PPG smartwatch with Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker also monitors abnormally high and low heart rates. The PPG sensor also scans for abnormal rhythms, including high and low heart rates. ECG smart bracelet with sport monitor also can store and analyze your exercise data, helping you live a healthy life.

Final thoughts

It's just about how the heart rate sensors in smartwatches and fitness bands work and whether they are reliable or accurate. If you want to get the best ECG smartwatch, I would like to end my speech with an excellent recommendation to go blindly with Spovan's HR ECG + PPG Dual Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker. I hope you found these words informative, and if yes, share them with your friends and family too!

Different kinds of ECG smart bracelet, ECG smart band and other Smart wearable devices awaiting your experience.


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