How to use and maintain your watch? What you must know about watches, Spovan China smart watch user manual

Electronic watches, quartz watches, mechanical watches, smart watches, more and more watches appear in our lives. How to use and maintain a watch is something that many watch users should know. Hope the following article can help you.


Whether you wear a watch rarely or often, is your watch well maintained at home? Here are some useful little knowledge that may help you maintain your watch, let you pick up your love for your watch or deepen your love for your watch.

spovan watch size

Do you know what size watch is right for you?

The watch is worn on your hand and must fit your wrist. If it's too tight, your wrist will be strangled, preventing blood flow. If it's too loose, the watch will be thrown out when you make some big movements. Similarly, the size of the dial is the same, too large or too small will affect your normal use.

So when you buy a watch, be sure to choose carefully, and try it out if you can.But you can't try it out when you buy a watch online, so you can take a good measure of your wrist size and refer to this table to choose. Be sure to buy the right watch for you! To experience the joy that the watch brings to you.

What materials are generally used for watch straps?

The leather strap is comfortable to wear, but it is not waterproof, so it is not suitable for wearing in summer. Because the human body is prone to sweating in summer, the sweat will corrode the leather strap and damage the service life of the strap. In winter, it can also keep warm and bring a warm feeling.

The stainless steel strap material is strong and has a long service life, which is mostly used for expensive watches. When you wear it, you will feel a cool feeling, which is suitable for wearing in summer. In addition, the weight of the metal watch is heavy, and there will be a certain sense of fatigue after wearing it for a long time.

The nylon strap is breathable and lightweight, so it's suitable for many situations and seasons. In addition, the design of nylon straps is more diverse, which can meet different fashion needs. However, nylon straps are prone to stains and are more difficult to maintain.

The PU watch strap is a kind of leather-like thing formed by coating the surface of the fabric with organic chemical materials, and the cost is low. And it is not easy to cause wrinkles and easy to maintain.

spovan watch strap

how to maintian your watch

How to take care of your watch?

Leather stainless steel should avoid wearing in wet environments. If it comes into contact with sweat or other liquids, it should be wiped with a clean towel immediately, and dried or blown dry with appropriate warm air, otherwise it will be prone to discoloration, odor, mildew or peeling. For nylon straps, note the folded back ferrule that protrudes from the tail.

Generally, it can be wiped with a damp soft cloth and dried with water. Leather watch straps can be properly cared for with some colorless leather oil. If the nylon material is stained, it can be wiped with soap or laundry detergent. The PU watch strap cannot be scrubbed with gasoline, cannot be dry cleaned, cannot be exposed to the sun, cannot be exposed to organic solvents, cannot be soiled or sweated, and should be scrubbed with water not exceeding 40 degrees Celsius and dried in the shade.

Should the watch be worn on the left or right hand?

Which hand you wear your watch on actually depends on your personal habits and preferences.So it is the same on which hand you wear it.According to some surveys, more people wear it on the left hand.Because most people are right-handed, the right hand is mainly used in life. In order to avoid friction or damage to the watch, the watch is worn on the left hand.According to the structure of the watch, many watches set the buttons on the right side, and it is better to adjust with the right hand.

There are also some traditional sayings that the male is on the left and the female is on the right. Some boys feel that wearing a watch on the right side is too girly, but this statement is relatively one-sided. There are many people abroad who wear a watch on the right side, and some people are left-handed. There is also a saying that the person who wears the watch on the right hand has a stronger sense of control and desire for power, but except for those unfounded claims, it is actually worn according to personal preference, and there is no need to wear it on which side.

Which hand is the watch on?

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