Should smartwatches have cameras? Do you know why smartwatches generally don't have cameras?

Multifunctional smart watch. The development of smart watches has been able to achieve more and more functions, but do you have such doubts. Do you know why adult smartwatches generally don't have cameras? Hope the following article can help you. 


As an extension of the development of smart phones, smart watches have been able to achieve many similar functions, but the installation of cameras is a different development trajectory. Although the current technology has been able to compress the camera to a very small size, It is not suitable to install a camera on a smart watch. Why aren't cameras generally installed on smartwatches? Hope the following can help you.

smart watch with remote camera

1.Not eligible for smartwatch configuration

One of the main reasons we choose a smartwatch is its lightness and convenience. Although current technology can integrate cameras into tiny devices, this not only requires higher technical requirements, but also costs more. However, if it is necessary to control the cost within a reasonable range and reduce the technical requirements, the configuration of the installed camera must not be very good, and the pixels will not be very clear. In addition, even the best compression integration technology will also increase the volume of the smartwatch, thereby reducing the convenience of the smartwatch.

2.Not eligible for smartwatch hardwar

With the continuous development of technology, the battery life of smart watches is also constantly improving, so it can be used with more functions. If the shooting function of the camera is added, it will definitely increase the battery life pressure of the smart watch. If the camera is only called when taking pictures, the battery life pressure of the smart watch will be smaller. If it is used for a long time and video recording, the battery power consumption will be very high, and the loss of the battery is not small.In addition, the long-term use requirement will accelerate the heat increase of the integrated circuit, making the surface of the smart watch hot. Our skin is also prone to injury when it comes into contact with a watch with high temperature.

smart watch with remote camera 1

smart watch with remote camera 2

3.Not suitable for the usage environment

If the camera is installed in the smart watch, it is not easy to find the camera in it if people do not look carefully. Although the appearance of miniature cameras has facilitated people's lives, it has also brought many problems of violating confidentiality and privacy. The camera installed in the smart watch is like a movable miniature camera. Therefore, many criminals can easily use this to do some illegal and ethical things. This has greatly increased the pressure of supervision, and it is easy to cause panic in the society. Therefore, it is best to solve this problem at the source, that is, not to install cameras on smart watches.

4.Prevent hackers from malicious intrusion

Facing the current rapid development of information technology, many people have mastered the superb information technology but are doing illegal things. As long as people are connected to the Internet, there is a danger of being hacked. While we enjoy the convenience brought by the Internet, we also bear the risks it brings. The use of smart watches also requires a network connection, but the anti-intrusion function of smart watches needs to be further improved because of its tiny integrated circuits and system limitations. It is easy for intruders to invade and turn on the camera on their own, illegally obtaining your information and privacy.

smart watch with remote camera 3

smart watch with remote camera 4

No camera, but can take pictures remotely

Many smartwatch manufacturers are now adding the ability to take photos remotely. This function can well achieve the collaboration between mobile phones and watches. The high pixels of the mobile phone and the remote control of the watch allow you to take better shots in some special scenes. For example, taking photos with people, or interacting with scenes.

Therefore, even if the smart watch can be more functional than the mobile phone in the future, the cost will be very high, but it is limited by the size and usage conditions of the watch, and it will not replace the mobile phone. Before the great development of battery technology and integrated circuits, the installation of cameras was a matter of careful consideration.

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