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 Sapphire crystal glass is used for H03 ECG smart watch mirror, which is made of the sapphire and other special materials, with hardness up to 9H. It features high strength, high toughness, hard to scratch and so on.


Our Spovan H03 ECG smart bracelet is an advanced health care tracker that also comes with ECG, blood oxygen, blood pressure, heart rate and sleep function. The Nordic 52832 platform allows you to get precise readings of your heart rate and blood oxygen, while the Si1182 ECG sensor and electrodes on watch case can detect blood pressure and electrocardiography readings. Use it with a chest strap and sticker to measure other conditions as well."  smart watch ecg monitor/ ekg smart watch/ waterproof heart rate monitor watch

Maybe we just learn about the above functions of this fitness ecg smart band. Do you know what material is used for H03 ECG watch mirror? Let me tell you more.

H03 ECG Smart Watch Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Tracker Bracelet is a stylish and functional smart bracelet that's designed to make your life more convenient. Its watch mirror is made of Sapphire crystal glass, characterized by scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life. With its qualities combined, the mirror will give you endless surprises.

What is Sapphire crystal glass?---You may confused?

smart watch ecg monitor spovan smart bracelet

The sapphire crystal mirror is a kind of crystal glass formed by the artificial compression, hardness is high, but the toughness is not high, and has excellent performance in abrasion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and impact resistance. Also its optical indexes are relatively good. It has good brightness, is not easy to produce scratches on the surface of the mirror and does not easily produce residual images. Sapphire glass mirrors are widely used in watches, tablets and other electronics products as protective covers for display screens and light sensors.

Why we recomend you H03 smart band?

 H03 ECG watch mirror is made of Sapphire crystal mirrors, which are hard to scratch, good light transmission, high hardness, good anti-angularity, high temperature resistance. With its excellent performance and wide applications in watches and clocks, it can replace quartz glass as its main material. Sapphire glass is widely used widely used in some kinds of glass products, such as optical fiber cables and fiber optic faceplates. Crystals are also used in expensive watches, clocks, personal computers and other precision instruments.

Sapphire mirror of H03 smart bracelet care

The sapphire crystal of this ecg smart watch does not require much maintenance, just wipe it with a soft cloth if you are not used to fingerprints. But watch out for grime!

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