How does a smartwatch detect heart rate? Best Watch for Heart Rate Monitoring

Now, the heart rate monitoring function of smart wearable products represented by smart bracelets and smart watches is being accepted by more and more people, and some people even regard it as one of the must-have functions for choosing products. So, how does a smart wearable device monitor heart rate?


Why measure heart rate?

As one of the most important vital signs of the human body, it is of vital significance to human health. Spovan is a smartwatch manufacturer that offers high-precision heart rate monitoring smartwatches.

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Changes in heart rate can directly or indirectly reflect the health status of many aspects of the human body, which is the meaning of measuring heart rate. In the field of smart wear, the significance of measuring heart rate is mainly reflected in three aspects.

First of all, in terms of exercise, the heart rate can reflect the real information of the user's body when exercising. If the heart rate is too high, the exercise is too intense, and the user's body water evaporates too quickly, then the exercise is not good for the body. If the heart rate is not high enough for light exercise, the user will not be able to burn enough calories.

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Secondly, in terms of disease, monitoring whether the resting heart rate is within the normal range, monitoring cardiac arrest and abnormally elevated heart rate during daily activities can play a role in timely prevention of disease, and even monitoring heart rate through ECG can detect it. Whether the heart rhythm is abnormal. In addition, pulse wave changes can be monitored by fingertip photoplethysmography to analyze pulse rate, blood oxygen concentration and peripheral vascular status in the microcirculation of diabetic patients.

Finally, on the mental side, the measured heart rate variability can be used to analyze autonomic function assessments such as mental stress, levels of tension and relaxation, and sleep quality

How does heart rate monitoring work?

Photoelectric method

best ecg watch spovan samrt watchSimply put, this method of measuring heart rate is based on the principle of light absorption by substances. The green LED light of the smart wearable device is combined with a photosensitive photodiode to illuminate the blood vessels for a period of time. Since blood is red, it can reflect red light and absorb it. Green light, when the heart beats, the blood flow increases, and the absorption of green light will increase accordingly; when the heart beats, the blood flow will decrease, and the absorbed green light will also decrease. Therefore, the heart rate can be measured from the absorbance of blood.

Most spovan smartwatches use the photoelectric method to monitor heart rate, and their obvious feature is that the sensor area is equipped with a green LED light

Best-in-class PPG sensors and advanced algorithms guarantee our smartwatch heart rate accuracy and quality.

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