How do smartwatches track our sleep? How is your sleep quality? What is a good night's sleep?

Good sleep is one of the important criteria for health. Many people want to have good sleep quality, but it is very difficult to achieve. But do you know what good sleep is? Therefore, the emergence of smart watches brings the function of sleep monitoring, allowing people to better understand their sleep quality and improve their sleep habits. So here comes the question again, do you know how smart watches monitor our sleep? Hope the following content can answer your doubts.


First of all, many people question that the health monitoring function of smart watches or smart bracelets is not accurate enough to be used as a reference. However, the standards are diverse, and if you use the medical device standards to require smart wearable devices, then it is a bit too strict. In daily life, it is impossible for us to use professional medical equipment to detect our body indicators at any time. These smartwatches are not as accurate as medical devices, but they also have great reference value, which is what these features are all about.

On some social media, we can also see the convenience brought by the health monitoring function of smart wearable devices, especially for the elderly. Some elderly people living alone are most afraid of some unexpected situations, especially when they are sleeping. When sleeping, the body's activity is reduced, and the signals sent by the body cannot be received in time. The smart watch will wake people up after analysis, reducing the possibility of more serious things. After all, when it comes to health, there is always a possibility that cannot be ignored.

About the stages of sleep

Generally, our sleep is divided into four stages. The first stage is falling asleep, under which we are easily awakened and interrupted. The second stage is light sleep. In this stage, our heartbeat and breathing rate slowly decreases, our body temperature decreases slightly, and our body twists. 

The third stage is deep sleep, in which breathing and heartbeat become slower. The body is relaxed and there is little to no twisting. The brain also ceases to be active, so generally there is no dreaming. The fourth stage is rapid eye movement (REM). At this time, the eyes will move rapidly, the brain activity will increase, and dreams will generally occur in this stage.

What is the standard for good sleep?

The first is to fall asleep quickly. If you're lying in bed and you're not sleeping, then your sleep habits aren't good enough. Because falling asleep quickly is the beginning of good sleep, and if the beginning is not good enough, the whole process will not be perfect. It is generally a good standard to fall asleep within fifteen minutes.

The second is to be able to sleep until awake without waking up in the process. If you wake up halfway through, but can fall back asleep within five minutes, it also means better sleep quality. If you wake up and have trouble falling asleep, it's time to adjust.

The third is to be able to fall asleep quickly after being disturbed. For example, if you are woken up by surrounding noises, or if you wake up after being disturbed, you can quickly eliminate the interference factors and fall asleep, which means that your sleep quality is better.

Finally, wake up feeling comfortable and energized. Generally, after a deep sleep, the human body is buffered and adjusted, which will make people feel energetic. If you wake up feeling tired and sleepy, it means that your sleep quality is not good enough.

How can smart watches monitor our sleep?

One monitoring method is body movement recording. Use the wristband/watch's built-in gravity sensor to recognize changes in your movement. If you haven't made a big move for a period of time (usually 20 minutes or more), then it judges you're asleep. If you don't move your body for a long time, you will be judged to be in deep sleep. According to the above-mentioned physical changes during sleep, this monitoring method has certain reference value, but it is difficult to keep the body still in actual use, so the results are not necessarily accurate.

Likewise, our sleep can be analyzed based on changes in our heartbeat and breathing while we sleep. Through the built-in PPG sensor, the photoelectric signal is converted into a digital signal to obtain our heart rate status, thereby judging our sleep situation. This monitoring method has a relatively high reference value.

How to have good sleep quality?
If you want to improve your sleep quality, here are a few ways to start. The first is to improve the sleeping environment, such as making the environment cleaner and fresher, and placing aromatherapy to help you sleep.The other is to stay away from the important distraction factor of the mobile phone, and avoid some news to make you excited. Before going to bed, you can do some sleep-aiding exercises to make your body tired. Some people's insomnia is due to diseases, which requires time to go to the hospital or specialized institutions for conditioning.

As technology continues to count steps, sleep monitoring methods will become more accurate and effective, and smartwatch manufacturers are also committed to creating more meaningful sleep monitoring functions.I hope that everyone can have a good night's sleep and face the future life full of energy.

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