Do you need a phone for a smartwatch?


Buying a smartwatch is a great idea if you want to access great, additional features aside from just having a watch that tells time. Some of us want smartwatches with ecg or additional functions that really help us monitor or health, track our overall performance, receive notifications and so on. There are even smart watches for outdoorsmen with GPS and other great features. But the question is, do you actually need a phone if you want to own a smartwatch? Can the smartwatch function without a phone? Let’s find out.

Smartwatches can work without a phone

There are options like the spovan watch that can actually work without a phone. These standalone watches are able to connect to mobile networks and have a SIM card. When a watch has a SIM card, it pretty much has the features of a phone. That means you can answer calls, deliver texts and messages and so on.

You can also access apps and a variety of other features. Of course, the functionality and features might differ a little bit, yet overall the value is something you will appreciate here. With that in mind, if you want an ecg smartwatch, it can be difficult to access those features. Most smartwatches that have health features in particular tend to come with dedicated smartphone apps that share more relevant, comprehensive information. That’s where these things shine, because you gain access to detailed information about everything.

A smartwatch can work without a phone. But more often than not, if you link your smartwatch with phone, then you end up accessing a lot of additional info and features. You get to track daily activities and their history. You can also link your credit card and use NFC features for payments, something that you can’t do solely with the smartwatch.

Is a phone mandatory for a smartwatch owner?

Most smartwatches have the potential to be used without a phone. However, if you go down that route, you will limit yourself. Some functionalities like watch payments for example will not work due to the limitations of the unit as a whole. Not only that, but if your smartwatch lacks a SIM card, you won’t be able to browse the internet without a phone. All these little things add up and show that yes, having a smartwatch connected to your phone does bring you the extra functions.

You can try to find some workarounds, but for the most part you want to have a smartwatch with phone connectivity to make the most out of it. With that being said, it heavily depends on what functionality you want.

For example, a fitness focused smartwatch tends to have detailed functions within the smartwatch itself, so you don’t always need a phone for it. However, if you buy a general smartwatch with multiple functions, it won’t have the necessary phone app to bring you extra functionality.

A smartwatch will work without a phone, but if you choose to use it that way, you will relinquish some of its functionality. While eventually a smartwatch will be able to fully work without needing a phone, the truth is that smartphones can add lots of functionality and features for the smartwatch user. So even if you don’t really want to sync the smartwatch with your phone, it does make a lot of sense do to it for all the extra functions and features. We recommend giving it a try and connect your ecg smartwatch with your phone. Sure, you can use it as a standalone thing, but you will soon realize that connecting the smartwatch with phone makes it so much better!

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