Do you know how smart watches get information from your blood? How does a smartwatch measure your blood pressure?

Now smart watches have more and more functions, and gradually meet more and more needs. Especially in terms of health, smart watch manufacturers are constantly pursuing more and more accurate monitoring functions. The following will talk about some parts about blood pressure, I hope you can gain something.


With the increasing pressure of people's lives and the increasingly fierce competition, many people are overdrafting their health and suffering from sub-health problems, and hypertension is one of the frequent diseases. Hypertension is known as the "invisible killer of human beings". On the surface, it is an independent disease, but it is actually an important risk factor for many diseases and lesions.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure refers to the lateral pressure acting on the blood vessel wall per unit area when blood flows in the blood vessels, and is the driving force for promoting blood flow in the blood vessels. In different blood vessels, they are called arterial blood pressure, capillary blood pressure and venous blood pressure, and blood pressure usually refers to the arterial blood pressure of the systemic circulation.

Simply put, it is the pressure of blood against the walls of blood vessels.

How can you tell if it is high blood pressure or low blood pressure?

Generally, when we measure the blood pressure value again, there are two numbers. Generally, the value in front is systolic blood pressure, also called high pressure, and the value in the back is diastolic blood pressure, also called low pressure.

According to the World Health Organization, the normal range of systolic blood pressure for adults at rest is 90-130mmHg and the normal range for diastolic blood pressure is 60-89mmHg. Hypertension has two conditions, namely systolic blood pressure ≥140mmHg or diastolic blood pressure ≥90mmHg; hypotension also has two conditions, namely systolic blood pressure <90mmHg or diastolic blood pressure <60mmHg.

How do smartwatches measure our blood pressure?

Most of the current smart watches and smart bracelets use PPG sensors, or PPG+ECG sensors watches, and use photoelectricity for information dissemination. In simple terms, it is to emit red or green light to the skin through the sensor, and then convert the light beam reflected from the skin tissue of the human body into an electrical signal, and finally convert the electrical signal into a digital signal, which becomes the value we see.

How to relieve blood pressure problems?

The first is to eat a reasonable diet and control calorie intake. Also limit protein and salt intake. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits; eat some seafood such as kelp, seaweed, and sea fish appropriately.

Maintain good exercise habits, exercise can promote blood circulation, lower cholesterol, and also increase appetite, promote gastrointestinal motility, prevent constipation, improve sleep and improve immunity. Quit smoking and drink less alcohol.

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