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Many people have this question, why can't the battery of a smart watch be replaced like a traditional watch? Of course, doing such a thing with the current state of the art is very simple. The reasons for not doing this are easy to understand, and hopefully the following article will answer your doubts.


Simply discussing whether it is possible to design a smartwatch with replaceable batteries, the answer is of course yes. Just like the current mobile phone cannot replace the battery at will, it is the need for development. If smartwatches were designed to have replaceable batteries, the smartwatches you would see wouldn't look like the ones you see today. Below I will briefly explain why it is not designed this way from several aspects.

Affects the size of a smartwatch

If you use a replaceable battery, it will change the internal structure of the smartwatch, make the watch bigger, and affect our experience. Watches usually need to be small. If you're after more features and a better battery, then you have to increase the size or bulk of the watch. That's why smartwatches on the market today are big and thick. Therefore, for better performance and richer functions, some design elements must be discarded.

Affects the weight of a smartwatch

Likewise, for a better user experience, the weight of the smartwatch should also be controlled within a reasonable range. If a detachable and replaceable battery is used, it will increase the weight of the internal integrated structure, thereby increasing the weight of the smart watch and affecting the use experience. In this way, people's experience will be affected, and the advantages of the watch's lightness and speed will disappear.

Causes the watch time to display incorrectly

Under normal circumstances, the smart watch will automatically synchronize the time after the Bluetooth connection. If used alone, the time change of the watch will be done independently. If you are using a removable battery, the watch will stop working after replacing the battery, causing the watch to display the wrong time, and if you forget to adjust it, the watch's time will also be inaccurate. If the time is inaccurate, then the watch loses its meaning.

Affects the water resistance of the watch

If the battery of the smartwatch is to be replaced, the corresponding structure has to be changed. There will be openings inside the watch, which can be easily opened to replace the battery inside the watch, increasing the possibility of water entering the smart watch. In addition, the battery requires more contact points, which affects the water resistance of the battery. Even if this problem can be solved, multiple replacements can easily reduce the performance of the battery itself and affect our use.

Therefore, smart watch manufacturers are now focusing on batteries and exploring more convenient charging methods, such as wireless charging, magnetic charging, etc. In the future, there will be better technology to support the development of smart watches, we can look forward to it.

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