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Walking is a healthy exercise suitable for most people. Many people now record their daily steps and set a goal for themselves to achieve. So now there are many tools to record your steps, among which smart watches or smart bracelets are a good choice. So do you know how a smartwatch records your steps? I hope you can gain something from reading this article.


Walking is a great way to improve your health and fitness. Dr Tomislav Benjak of the Croatian National Institute of Public Health wrote: "Walking is an ideal form of daily exercise... Compared with all other physical activities, it is safe and has minimal risk of injury. It is a very effective And a healthy form of exercise, walking is probably the most underrated physical activity.

One way to get yourself to walk more is to use a handy little accessory called a pedometer, which can be found in many popular wearables, including cell phones, smartwatches, exercise tracking devices, and more. In the age of technology, pedometers are the key to every step we take. Wearing a simple pedometer can encourage you to get more exercise. According to the American College of Sports Medicine's exercise testing and prescribing guidelines, 5,400 to 7,900 steps per day is a good goal, although some sources recommend increasing this number to 10,000 steps per day.

How Pedometers Work?

When a person takes a step, the body leans to one side and one leg swings forward. Next, lean your body to the other side and move the other leg forward. Every tilt of the hips and movement of the legs is a step. Assuming each step is about the same length, all we have to do is count the number of steps in a day by counting the number of times the body leans left and right.This is the simple working principle of the pedometer. Taking this as a starting point, more and more convenient and accurate pedometer tools appear in our field of vision.

Electronic Pedometer for Smart Watches

Open the pedometer and you'll find a metal pendulum connected to an electronic counting circuit via a thin spring. Normally, the circuit is open and no current flows. When you take a step, the hammer swings and touches the metal contact in the center, completing the circuit and allowing current to flow. The current energizes the circuit and increases the number of steps by one. Once this is done, the hammer will swing again, breaking the circuit, effectively resetting the pedometer in preparation for the next step.Pedometers show your step count display on an LCD; most people can convert steps to approximate distance in miles or kilometers and calories burned with the push of a button.

Pedometer for sports watch

With the development of technology, many smart watches that can count steps now use three-dimensional motion status recognition sensors. The three-dimensional data is measured by sensors to identify and perceive the results of acceleration and vibration in different directions, and is calculated through the fluctuations and high and low values of the curve, and finally converted into a digital display on the watch. Such motion sensors are further divided into three-axis and six-axis. Three-axis sensors typically measure as the arm swings, while six-axis sensors identify more precise movements for improved accuracy.

Are pedometers on smartwatches accurate?

Of course, the recognition of the motion state is not necessarily 100% correct, and sometimes some tiny movements may also be recognized. Different products may use different sensors, and their algorithms may be different, resulting in different data results. In addition, in order to obtain more accurate results, general smart watch manufacturers will provide an APP to use together, the APP will ask you to fill in your personal physical information, such as height, weight, gender, age and other basic information, which will also be used for calculation base.

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